Thank You For Your Online Deposit

We’ve just received your deposit and will get you all the details of your appointment very soon.

Before appointment day, please attach any images you may have concerning your tattoo design, along with details (if any) that way we can easily pull up your info the day of your appointment. If you prefer your artist to freehand, they’ll be more than happy and eager to customize your design.

So you are informed ahead of time, please read our cancellation/reschedule policy.

FEES you need to know about:

  • If you leave your deposit online there is a $5 fee, however only $50 of that will go towards your tattoo.
  • Also, please be advised that there is a $10 convenience surcharge per plastic transaction when paying at our studio (which does not go to us).

To save you and our studio the fee, we always suggest paying out in cash. If you don’t mind the fee, we’ll be happy to take credit card payments.

Click here for information on Covid vaccines and tattoo appointments

If you have any questions beforehand, don’t hesitate to let us know via email, studio phone at (407) 778-4314 and one of our team members will be more than happy to assist!

*during our business hours please:
Tues - Sat: 12pm to 9pm
Sun & Mon: CLOSED