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Recapping the past, art was always a tremendous portion of my life. As a child, I was always drawing whatever I could get my eyes on. Throughout my academic career (K-12), I found myself consistently winning awards with my art. I loved drawing anything at any time of day. The medium mattered not. From sculpting to painting, I did it all. Actually, I DO/LOVE IT ALL.

After high school, I left for the United States Marine Corps. During my active service (between July 23, 2001 and July, 22, 2005), where I earned the rank of Sergeant, I placed my artistry aside. Although the military connected me to the tattoo culture, I never planned on doing anything other than serving this country. Once I married (the Love of my life), I changed my path and left the life I thought was my military destiny. However, while stationed in Hawaii at Kaneohe Bay, MCBH, I became introduced to the lifestyle of a tattooed individual through association with Josh Wrede. For years, while earning my ink (getting tattooed), I was asked to try tattooing. Although I would sit and get tattooed for hours, I never planned on trying it myself. Upon completion of my active service, I moved my wife and I from Hawaii to Orlando.

My goal, ultimately, was to become a fire fighter. However, while studying for my Associates Degree, I gave tattooing a try… AND I WAS HOOKED! Tattooing had taken over my entire life. While completing my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Phoenix, I committed myself to the tattoo lifestyle and its deep rooted culture. I put aside working as a bartender, Polysomnographer (sleep technician), marketing adviser and every other “job” I had and began my tattooing career. I have now been tattooing professionally for over a decade. Within these past years, I have progressed leaps and bounds in my profession. I am a “self-taught” artist. I had so much help and guidance from the only man I would consider to be my mentor, Mr. Josh Wrede (visit our links page). This man not only taught me the fundamentals of tattooing and this industry, he also demonstrated the TRUE definition of a Tattoo Artist. One whom I look to consistently emulate. One which provides quality tattoos to quality clients. What is a quality tattoo? A tattoo with “WOW” factor. The type of tattoo that will not only have people stop and admire it but may win an award or two. A goal I have had the pleasure of meeting multiple times in my career.

Tattoos are like thread count… You’ll never know quality until you’ve had the real thing.” –OG

The health department considers any location used for tattooing (whether permanent or temporary) to be labeled as a “tattoo establishment”. Not to be mistaken for a “tattoo shop” or “tattoo parlor”. A tattoo shop/parlor consists of multiple tattooist providing one service… Tattoos. At OG Tattoos & Gallery, we are multiple artists providing multiple services. Services which range from oil paintings, watercolor illustrations, clothing design, web design and logo design. This location (along with others to possibly come nationwide) is more than just a “tattoo shop”. It is a personal Art Studio, a Local Artist Art Gallery and most importantly… It’s that little bit of a much needed culture Orlando visitors search for.

In my profession, there are tattooists, tattoo artists and then there are others like myself. I am more than just a tattooist. More than a tattoo artist. I am an Artist, whom happens to also know how to tattoo in a clean and sanitary environment. I now tend to spend the majority of my time tattooing rather than painting or sculpting because of my dedicated tattoo clientèle. Tattoo artists understand that the tattoo is a service WE provide to our clients. Not an inconvenient task that is dropped on our lap. I may be an artist, but I understand that I am a “Professional” first and foremost. Let me make it about YOU!

Respectfully Submitted,

Oscar Gomez Sgt/USMC