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“Hey, it’s Nick!

I’ve always been an artist, but didn’t realize it until recently.

From a young age I was drawn to cartoons, movies, robots, comics, action figures, anime, etc… I doodled here and there with friends, on my homework and in random notebooks, but mostly scattered around.

I took a few art classes throughout grade school but I didn’t think much of it. I mostly saw it as an “Easy A”, since I was just having fun.

After high school, I was lost and didn’t want to bother with school. I hung around and tried my hand in all sorts of different hobbies such as photography, powerlifting, working on cars, etc.
Eventually life lead me back to school. This time with my focus and hopes on a business degree which quickly led me to changing my major two more times.

During that time, I had started getting my first tattoos while a friend was getting tattooed by Oscar at OG Tattoos & Gallery. Every time I met up at the gym with this friend, we were always comparing the new work we had gotten. I would even jokingly float the idea about getting into tattooing.

The months flew by and these friends kept telling me to go check OG Tattoos out… get some work done… maybe even ask about an apprenticeship. I was comfortable where I was at the time, so I kept shrugging it off.

I had an easy, quick cash, valet job and was taking some easy college courses, but something in me wasn’t sitting right. This led me to change my major again to Graphics Design, where all my previous credits didn’t count.

Luckily, this major required that I take an art class, so I figured Drawing 1 would be an “Easy A”. On the contrary that drawing class was not an “Easy A”. The class turned out to really challenge me, it showed me things I had no idea I could do. Showed me some direction, and rekindled this dormant love for drawing inside of me.

By the end of the semester, I had found my interest in school dwindling as my obsession for drawing started to erupt. Months would go by as I had been obsessively drawing day by day, trying to become better.

I had a mediocre grasp on tattooing (from observing myself getting tattooed) and a portfolio of my college class sketches at best, but my Graphics design professor had mentioned, “If you take anything from this course, it’s that you don’t even need to take all these classes. Work on your portfolio”. So I took it.

With a few nudges from close friends and a little bit of self-confidence, I finally arrived at OG Tattoos and Gallery! I had never seen any place like it and I was pleasantly surprised, especially compared to the places I had previously been to.

After a conversation with Oscar, I wasn’t told yes and I wasn’t told no. Only that it’s up to me to earn my apprenticeship. I kept showing up for weeks staying out of the way, sitting in taking notes, drawing when I had any downtime, picked up pointers, staying alert.

November 2017 rolled around and I was officially the shop apprentice. After a year of hard work, I officially became a Tattoo artist.
Since then I’ve learned that this isn’t even about me. It’s about you, the client. No matter what the style/placement/design, I put my all into it as it’s a collaborative effort. If it weren’t for our clients, we wouldn’t even be able to do what we do. There’s something about seeing a guest leave with a bad ass piece on their skin and the smile on their face that makes it even better. With that being said, it keeps me humbled, driven, and motivated to continue to keep learning.
There is no end goal. I just love Art. I’m blessed for the opportunity to be doing this.
Forever grateful for you guys. Thanks for looking! “