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Born and raised in Brazil, Éder Ferraz was a natural born artist who had a passion for business and entrepreneurship. Because of his gift to create art and a visionary for art interpretation based on each individual’s style preference, he has preceded success in opening one of the most renowned studios in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil: “Tattooarte”

His success, however, did not come easy as he faced many challenges as a young teen to make the possibility of opening his own tattoo shop. With reluctance from his parents, his father could not understand how one can consider this as a profession. Although his mother was reluctant as well, she realized how much this meant to Éder and managed to get her husband on board to support her decision to sell her sewing machine and assist in paying for her son’s education in a tattoo artist course.

Éder managed to find a studio to work in soon after, and 2 years into his tattooing experience decided to open his own tattoo studio. In time and after hard work and dedication, his reputation as an artist was earned and well respected amongst his peers and community.

“People came to know my work through client referrals and today we are sure to inspire confidence in what we do, which is essential”, he comments “My family is the basis of everything, it is where my values and everything I have are learned in life.”

In addition to owning his shop, “Tattooarte” in Brazil, he is very proud to be a part of the OG Tattoos Team… his new family here in the United States.

“It would be an honor to be a part of your story and make art on your skin. Let’s work together and put your idea on paper to create your best tattoo ever!” Éder