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Growing up on the streets of the Bronx, Anthony found escape from the street life that everyone around him was used to… Art. Drawing since a child he would impress friends and family with his gift.
As a teenager, staying out of trouble was a struggle and his interest in art suffered due to the environment he was in. His parents weren’t too fond of his behavior and decided that putting him out to fend for himself and a little tough love may help.

A few years later, after learning from his mishaps and showing growth, his parents welcomed him back home. His rough experience inspired him to picked up a pencil and sketchbook again.
While drawing, Anthony’s little brother approached him and wanted one of his drawings tattooed on him. Anthony tore the page out his sketchbook and handed it to him, where he replied, “No, I want you to tattoo it on me”. He accepted the challenge in which his brother invested in a tattoo kit and waited months while he practiced to get the tattoo he wanted.
After growing up 36 years in the Bronx, New York, and making a name for himself as a respected artist, he was inspired for a change and decided to take on a new adventure and moved to Florida. New faces, new opportunities, and new challenges.

With a decade of tattooing experience, Anthony is always in search of growth with his art and life in general. As he understands being open and willing to learn and understand new things will allow in his artistic development.