Permanent Cosmetics



About me

My interest in permanent makeup sprouted 7 years ago while on a business trip at a California Tattoo Convention. From then, my interest for permanent makeup grew into a hidden passion I didn't know existed! Artistry was in my blood. Like most girls, I loved everything about makeup, but never had any interest to pursue it as a career. At a very young age, singing was evident and aspiring to sing was where it was at for me. Fortunately enough, I have been blessed to work as a professional vocalist. However, that wasn't enough. Growing up I knew I was meant to uplift women (and men) and to somehow help change their lives . So when I stumbled upon a permanent makeup booth at that California convention, I was mesmerized... And hooked! It took 7 ambitious years of digging, learning, and understanding the art, culture, and business of permanent cosmetics. With the blessing and gratitude of learning under renowned award winning tattoo artist Oscar Gomez of OG Tattoos & Gallery and certified under "The Eyebrow Whisperer", Debi Diorio of Mirasol Spa, I have made it a mission... and a passion.... To uplift women and men with the art of permanent cosmetics!