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It is with much gratitude that we welcome you to our website, and our home. At OG TATTOOS our main concern is quality. What is quality? How can quality be determined? Simply put a "quality" product comes from loving hands and minds. We aim to leave you with a little bit of that love in ALL that we do. We know that our relationship to art is vital to rendering concepts and ideas that go above and beyond the bar of excellence.

Therefore, we place a strong emphasis on these elements in our daily practice, as well as when consulting a potential client. We employ any practices and techniques needed to bring your idea to the next level: perspective, value, color theory and line quality as well as composition and careful placement are all considered until you are satisfied with the result. Our heart is in the art and the imagination.

This is what we aim to embody: VISION. Not our own, necessarily, but the very fact that the human mind is a facilitator for artistic vision - YOUR vision. Not everyone has the skills necessary to visually translate how they feel, and what they see. This is where we come in!

see what our customers are saying...

"I got 3 tattoos made from Oscar, one was a beautiful cover up and I love each one of my tattoos, I got other tattoos but not like the ones make from Oscar, soon I'm getting my next tattoo with Oscar and I know is going to be amazing. He's a great artist."

Carla Giselle Corretjer

Satisfied customer

"This man is very calm to deal with a squealer like me! I'm scared of needles and he MADE ME FEEL SO COMFORTABLE, he did my piece with me moving and crying but the artwork he did was amazing - great man, great father, great artist!!"

Paul Luciano

Satisfied customer

"Oscar did my right shoulder and I won't have anyone else do my ink! Complete and thoughtful, he made sure everything was just right. A GIFTED artist! Should be your first choice!!"

Bill Mullin

Satisfied customer